Expert Knowledge + Trust = Better Patient Care

Expert Knowledge + Trust = Better Patient Care

In a physician’s line of work, the doctor-patient relationship is based on more than just knowledge.

It’s based on trust.

Every day at ABIM, we work with physicians to set standards for medical knowledge and practice. And every day, we see physicians continue to step up and meet (and in many cases exceed) those standards. This is because board certification is a part of a set of actions physicians take to demonstrate their commitment to building that trust with peers and patients.

Dr. Richard Baron, President and CEO of ABIM, recently gave a TEDx talk in Chicago on the erosion of trust at both a societal and system level, and how it affects the doctor-patient relationship. He spoke about how, when trust is ruptured, patients can be harmed. Watch the talk to find out what patients and doctors alike bring to the table in the exam room.

Trust & the Aspen Ideas Festival

Continuing the ABIM Foundation’s work to promote conversations on trust, Dr. Baron authored a blog post entitled “The Danger of Mistrust in Healthcare” that was published on the Aspen Institute’s website in advance of the Aspen Ideas Festival. As part of the event, Dr. Baron will speak in the health program track Power to the Patient on the decline of trust in health care and society.

Trust Practice Challenge

Eight organizations have been named winners of the Trust Practice Challenge by the ABIM Foundation. The Challenge is a major national initiative sponsored by the Foundation to identify and promote innovative, effective approaches to building trust in health care to improve the quality of care. Submissions were evaluated on innovation, evidence that the practice builds trust, and potential for scalability. The winners and 22 meritorious entries will be featured in a compendium this fall.

Stay tuned for more important conversations around building and maintaining trust within the medical community.