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  • By June McKoy, MD,  MD, MPH, JD, MBA, LLM (Hons)I Chose the Traditional, 10-Year MOC Exam for Geriatrics and the LKA® for Internal Medicine

    Dr. McKoy is a geriatrician and full Professor of Medicine, Preventive Medicine and Medical Education at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

    February 22, 2024  |  LKA, MOC

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  • Furman S. McDonald, MD, MPHAssociations Between Medical Knowledge and Patient Outcomes

    Physicians today have so many things to do that MOC can feel like “just one more thing,” and knowing the time and effort invested in earning and maintaining certification, it’s fair to question its value in health care and to ask if there is any evidence suggesting that it is associated with patient relevant outcomes.

    February 6, 2024  |  Uncategorized

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  • Voices That TransformJori May, MD

    <em>Dr. May is triple-certified by ABIM, currently maintaining certificates in Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Hematology. She joined the ABIM Hematology Board as its newest member in January 2024.</em><br> 

    February 14, 2024  |  ABIM Governance

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