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A Doctors’ Day Reflection from ABIM Staff to our Physician Governance and Diplomates

March 30, 2020  |  Posted by ABIM  |  Uncategorized

This year, of all years, it feels not only critically important but also emotionally urgent for us to recognize Doctors’ Day.  So, we wanted to send a collective message of gratitude and support to physicians, from all of us at ABIM.

It’s true: most of the staff aren’t physicians. We’re patients, caretakers, and health care decision-makers for our families. As patients, we need you more than ever, but we know that you’re also counting on us as ABIM employees.  We’re in customer service, IT, psychometrics, human resources, communications and more. We answer your questions at the booth at society meetings; we keep your Physician Portal updated and secure; we run statistical analyses on your exam questions; and yes, we read your tweets.

Most of us aren’t physicians, but we work with a governance comprised of over 200 physicians from a diverse range of regions, practice settings, ages and backgrounds. Over 90% of ABIM’s governance members spend the majority of their time in patient care and somehow still manage to serve on a medical specialty board, exam committee or item-writing task force. Especially now, we are comforted by their expertise, their leadership and particularly the kindness and grace with which they counsel us.  

Most of us aren’t physicians, but we have the unique privilege of seeing exactly how much physicians do to demonstrate that they are staying current in medical knowledge and practice in service of their patients. Time and again, physicians meet and surpass the standards set forth for board certified internists.

Today, it’s never been more clear how a profession defined by “do no harm” is also defined by the inimitable will to do good. Thank you for all that you are doing now on the front lines of a global pandemic and for what you do every day as you care for us, our loved ones and your communities.

As ABIM President and CEO, Richard Baron, MD put it:

“Our country needs you.”