Thank Your Mentor Today!

Thank Your Mentor Today!

January is National Mentoring Month. As leaders in Internal Medicine, ABIM governance members share how teaching and mentoring has impacted their careers.

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“Mentorship is a big part of my job. I once supervised a resident in his longitudinal outpatient clinic. When he started, he had some professionalism problems. Our relationship was not initially easy, as he was not open to feedback… Over time and with support, our relationship became a partnership between learner and teacher, and by the time he finished residency, he was one of the most confident, compassionate and outstanding patient care providers that I have known.

Helping someone who starts as a superstar and ends as a superstar is easy, but it is much more gratifying to know that my guidance may have helped someone who was initially struggling become a truly outstanding physician.”

Marianne Green, MD | Chair-Elect, ABIM Board of Directors | Member, ABIM Council

Why I Serve: Marianne M. Green, MD, FACP

 “I think most of us who are in academic medicine get tremendous joy from teaching, be it medical students, residents, fellows or others. One of the things that surprises me, and at the same time delights me, is how often one of these younger learners asks about something that I just hadn’t ever really thought of before. They are so incredibly bright and interested, and just bring a fresh inquisitiveness to our discussions.”

Jeffrey Berns, MD | Chair, ABIM Council | Chair, ABIM Nephrology Board

Voices That Transform ABIM: Dr. Jeffrey S. Berns

“Of course there are many challenges that immigrants/black people contend with [in the medical profession]. A particular challenge that I would like to highlight is the dearth of committed mentorship. It is often very difficult for black physicians to find mentors who are committed to their careers. This is why I dedicate a good chunk of my time to mentoring younger colleagues.”

Olakunle Akinboboye, MD | Member, ABIM Council | Chair, ABIM Cardiology Board

Voices That Transform ABIM: Dr. Olakunle Akinboboye

 “So, I was a brand new intern in internal medicine, and this guy moves across the street from me who was an intensivist who had done exactly the same pathway. I just revered him and have followed him throughout my career trying to follow in his footstep and contribute in the same ways that he has… This same individual who mentored me—I was maybe two years or so out of my fellowship and he was several years ahead of me—the two of us had an idea to start a new training exam for critical care. It didn’t exist. So, we did it through the Society of Critical Care Medicine. [Today,] it’s given all through the United States and Canada to both adult and pediatric critical care fellows.”

J. Christopher Farmer, MD | Member, ABIM Council | Chair, ABIM Critical Care Medicine Board

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