ABIM on the Air: Doctor-to-Doctor Conversations About Health Care

ABIM on the Air: Doctor-to-Doctor Conversations About Health Care

ABIM and the ABIM Foundation engage thousands of doctors in conversations about ongoing certification, evolving knowledge in internal medicine, high-quality care and medical professionalism.

Some of these doctor-to-doctor conversations turn into podcasts. You can explore some of the conversations ABIM has posted here, and you can tune into some other recent conversations involving ABIM leaders below.

These discussions are an opportunity to delve deeper into personal stories, reflections from practice and insights about the health care environment.

Dr. Sharon Brangman, a member of ABIM’s Geriatric Medicine Board, recently connected with her daughter, Dr. Jenna Lester, to share advice and memories of her mother, Ruby Brangman, who was one of the first black women nurse practitioners in the state of New York. Their conversation was featured on NPR via StoryCorps.

“To realize all the things that you had to go through and that Grandma had to go through to get me to where I am today. I feel like I’m working for a little bit more than just myself,”Dr. Lester said.

Dr. Pat Salber spoke with Dr. Richard Baron on AJMC’s Managed Care Cast to discuss professionalism, Choosing Wisely®, social justice, joy in practice, burnout and other topics.

“Healthcare could be improved if policy makers, leaders, and administrators thought more about the role of medical professionalism and the intrinsic motivations of physicians,”Dr. Baron said.

Dr. Zeev Neuwirth and Dr. Baron recently discussed leveraging primary care to better serve patients and communities, recognizing the special skills doctors have and reconnecting with the shared pride they feel in taking care of patients on the Creating A New Healthcare podcast.

“Physicians are absolutely heroes.

They go to work every day and put themselves out there for their patients. I think being recognized as having a special set of skills is core to what physicians do and should do,”Dr. Baron said.