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Know Before You Go: Staying Safe at Pearson VUE Test Centers

July 10, 2020  |  Posted by ABIM  |  Uncategorized

You’ve heard it before: These are uncertain times.

If you’ve chosen to take an assessment at a Pearson VUE test center this year, you may be wondering what precautions are being taken to ensure your and your colleagues’ safety.

We hope you’ll be comforted to know that Pearson VUE has implemented a strict cleaning regimen. This includes providing hand sanitizer to candidates upon entering the test center, and sanitizing the surface and equipment of each workstation after the end of every appointment. Any equipment used during the check-in process is also sanitized after every use.

In addition, Pearson VUE has implemented social distancing guidelines at test centers to meet state and local requirements and will vary by location.

You will be required to wear a mask, and you may bring gloves if you choose to do so, but you have to provide your own masks and gloves.  

To be admitted to the test center, Pearson VUE may ask if you live with or have had close contact with someone who has confirmed or suspected COVID-19. We recognize many physicians are on the front lines treating patients during the pandemic, and in doing so may have come in close contact with someone who has confirmed or suspected COVID-19. So, we wanted to be sure to let you know that physicians (medical/healthcare professionals) who treat patients while both are wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) will be admitted to the test center.

If you experience any issues being admitted to the test center on exam day, please call us at 1-800-441-ABIM (2246).

Stay safe, and thank you for all that you do as a board certified physician.