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Earn MOC Points through the New Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment

May 17, 2021  |  Posted by ABIM  |  Uncategorized

ABIM’s Longitudinal Knowledge Assessment (LKA™) for Maintenance of Certification (MOC) – launching in 2022 – is designed with physicians’ personal and professional needs in mind: greater flexibility, more convenience, and faster feedback.

In addition to helping you know and demonstrate you’re keeping your medical knowledge current, participating in the LKA has another great feature: You’ll earn MOC points for every question you answer correctly.

Here’s how it works:

How many points can be earned?

You’ll be offered 600 questions per 5-year assessment cycle, so over time you could potentially meet your MOC point requirement through LKA participation alone.* Points you’ve earned will be awarded and added to your personalized ABIM Physician Portal quarterly.

Maintaining more than one certificate through LKA?

If you participate in LKA for more than one of your certificates you’ll still receive 0.2 MOC points for every correct answer, giving you even more opportunities to earn points. Remember: you only need to earn a total of 100 MOC points over 5 years, no matter how many certificates you’re maintaining.

*Your 5-year assessment cycle and your 5-year points cycle may or may not align. You can still earn MOC points outside LKA through thousands of activities eligible for both CME and MOC. Learn more at