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ABIM to Develop Longitudinal Assessment Option

August 20, 2019  |  Posted by ABIM  |  Announcements, Assessments for MOC, MOC

Dear Internal Medicine Community:

We have heard from many colleagues that they would like to see the process of maintaining certification offer more flexibility and choice. They also expressed a desire for options that enhance the educational value of the process. Hearing those voices, earlier this month the ABIM Board of Directors committed to evolve its program to provide a longitudinal assessment option for Maintenance of Certification (MOC), offering a self-paced pathway for physicians to acquire and demonstrate ongoing knowledge. The traditional, long-form assessment will also remain an option, as some physicians have expressed a preference for a point-in-time exam taken less frequently.

Developing a longitudinal assessment option is part of our ongoing evolution at ABIM. We recognize that some physicians may prefer a more continuous process that easily integrates into their lives and allows them to engage seamlessly at their preferred pace, while being able to access the resources they use in practice.

We’ve also heard that physicians are seeking more ways to enhance their knowledge through the assessment experience. With this new option, physicians will be able to answer a question, and receive immediate feedback as to whether it was correct or not, along with the rationale, and links to educational material. By engaging in such a pathway, physicians can assure their medical knowledge is up to date and utilize — in real-time — learning activities to address gaps. 

The internal medicine community’s feedback over time, including focus groups and interviews, and information gathered from the positive experiences of other American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Member Boards, has helped make this happen. We believe continued collaboration and co-creation with you strengthens ABIM’s programs, leads to greater physician autonomy, and invests everyone in shared goals that will benefit physicians, patients, and U.S. health care. Our collective expertise is the core of what we offer as healers.

While we work with the community to research and develop this new option, the current MOC program, with the choice and flexibility of the Knowledge Check-In and traditional exam will remain in effect. More details will be forthcoming in the months ahead and we will want your input on various features of the program. For now, we invite you to share your suggestions and questions with us.

We look forward to working together to continue fostering a strong, vital community of expert physicians who rely on each other and our collective skills to serve our patients.




Marianne M. Green, MD, FACP

Chair, Board of Directors




Richard J. Baron, MD, MACP

President and Chief Executive Officer